Home Delivery Famiglia

...or as we say, Cosa Nostra

All options are for 4-6 paisans depends on your crowd.
Quick prepped meals for you to heat in oven at 350° for 15 min.
Pasta requires 3 min boil and sauce heated to quick simmer.

Call (650) 430-2169 to order.

Opzion 1: $62

Da Parm

Opzioni 2: $65


Opzioni 3: $62

Da Vegg

Opzioni 4: $62

Da Bird

Opzioni 5: Lasagna $49

Meat or Veggie

Opzioni 6: Pot Pie $13 / or 4/$52

Chicken, Veggie or Clam Chowder

Whole Apple or Berry Pie: $12

Dessert, ask us what we made today!

Fresh Pasta

Twice a week we make fresh pasta so you can cook at home.